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Five Qualities Your League City AC Repair Service Must Have

Here, along the hot and humid Texas Gulf Coast, air conditioners in our homes and workplaces are a must. Without the constant whish of air being magically blown from our air registers, we would find it really hard to perform normal household tasks during much of the year… especially during the summer. When your AC … Continue reading Five Qualities Your League City AC Repair Service Must Have

How Air Conditioning Systems Work Overview

How Air Conditioning Systems Work Over the past 4 months AirVantage Cooling & Heating Services has explained in a series of articles How Air Conditioning Systems Work. If you’ve missed any of the AirVantage ac system articles, click any of the link titles to re-read. 1) Noises AC Systems Make 2) Choosing An Air Conditioning … Continue reading How Air Conditioning Systems Work Overview


Cooling (a Texas Gulf Coast necessity) When People Think About Cooling… What Are they Really Talking About? Cooling, referred to air conditioning by many, is most likelythe most important thing people think about when it comes to being comfortable. That’s no surprise since summertime utility expenses are often comprised of 60 to 65% of your … Continue reading Cooling

2020 AirVantage Calendars

“Every time you tear a month off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.” – Charles Kettering “Be sure to put getting a calendar on your calendar this year.”- John Van Drunen Although my quote isn’t as well known as the quote by famous poet Charles Kettering, it serves as … Continue reading 2020 AirVantage Calendars