What To Expect When You Have Your Heating System Replaced?

What To Expect When You Have Your Heating System Replaced?

This is the time of the year that our heating systems let you know there is a problem and may need to be replaced.

The typical questions we get from AirVantage customers are…
How long will it typically take to have my heating
system unit replaced?
Does your installer have to replace my ductwork
when they replace my heating unit?
Does my installer have to replace my thermostat
when they replace my heating system?
How do I choose a qualified HVAC company?
What is the best rated equipment to choose?
Is financing available?

Let’s start with how long will it take to replace your heating system. The answer of course is, it all depends. All joking aside, the AirVantage installer usually averages somewhere between 4 to 10 hours.  Some heating system replacements can take an hour or two longer due to the type, complexity and size of the furnace that we are installing.

Do the installers have to replace my duct work? As a rule of thumb, the short answer is no. However all AC system equipment including air ducts have wear and tear. We recommend air duct inspection and possible replacement every 10 years or so. The reason is that you don’t want to decrease the new heating system efficiency by letting heated air escape into your attic through holes or open duct seams.

Does my installer have to replace my thermostat when they replace my heating system? At AirVantage we recommend if you are installing a new heating system system,
that you consider replacing your thermostat. Why? The chances are high that many years have passed since your current one was installed as it may have come with the house when you moved in. Many times, enough time will have gone by for the thermostat to fall far behind the times. The technology of thermostats today is huge strides ahead of where it was only a decade ago. Let our installer team check it out for you.

How do I choose a qualified HVAC company? Here are a series of question that will help you find a qualified AC company in the League City area:

Is the contractor referred by a friend or neighbor? Does the company fleet reassure you?
Does the company have a physical address? Are company employees neat, clean, and professional? Will the company guarantee a price before work begins? Is the contractor licensed & insured? Is the company part of a professional community?

At Airvantage the answers to the above questions are a big Yes! We invite you to check out our Google Reviews…

What is the best rated equipment to choose? AirVantage is an exclusive American Standard dealer in the I-45 South corridor. Many surveys rate American Standard No.1 in overall value and quality. Trane, another American Standard brand is also rated in the top 5 surveys and polls.

Simply put, AirVantage and American Standard have the reputation, customer service and technical experience for you to feel confident in your decision to choose Airvantage to install your new heating system.

Is financing available? Yes. We partner with Wells Fargo and approval to qualified homeowners is quick. We recently wrote an article on why financing is advantageous. You can read our article on the Benefits of Financing Your New AC System by tapping this link.

Hopefully we’ve answered most of your questions. If you have any others, please call AirVantage by tapping the green phone icon on our webpage or copy and paste this number into your phone dialer… 409-925-6171

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