Why Should I Finance My New AC System

Why Should I Finance My New AC System?

We get asked this a lot at AirVantage and there are several answers to why you should finance your new ac system. Our 1st answer is Inflation will cause energy costs as well as equipment costs to rise. To mitigate this, it’s a good idea is to consider financing your new high efficiency air conditioning-heating system with a low interest finance plan. The energy savings you realize will help offset your loan payments while you enjoy the many benefits of your new system all year long and far into the future.

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dual fuel hybrid heating systemFor most League City area homeowners, heating and cooling systems are a major purchase. It’s a fact that no one likes to see their savings take such a huge hit. You may have heard about financing programs for new HVAC systems and if they are a smart choice?


We think financing a new HVAC system is a smart choice and financing your new HVAC system can be advantageous. Even if you have a good amount of savings, financing can make this large purchase fit within your existing budget, rather than disrupting it.

Choose the right system; not the cheapest system

Which is most important? Choosing the right system for your home or business or choosing the cheapest HVAC system? In the long run, you’ll be more satisfied knowing that the decision you made was based on smart data and not a quick decision based on the cheapest system you could get by with.  It won’t take long before you start dealing with the repercussions of going the easy route. You might be kicking yourself in a few years as your energy bill soars and you start having to make those A/C service calls because you decided on a cheaper ac system. You want the best system that will serve your home for 15 years or so, right?

Making the decision to finance your new AC system allows you to review all the options available to you – not just the ones you can afford today. Here’s are 3 solid reasons to use AirVantage’s Financing partner…

Avoid Large Costs Upfront

Take advantage of financing options to avoid paying for an entire HVAC system upfront. This option can be easier on the wallet if you’re faced with purchasing a new unit altogether, especially if it wasn’t worked into your original plans or annual budget.

Financing can also provide more manageable payments that allow you to use your money in other necessary areas around the home. Additionally, you’ll experience significant maintenance savings from a newer unit built to operate more efficiently.

Our recommendation for financing options is a major stakeholder in home improvements.  Tap the link above to determine the best credit plan for you.

Long-Term Energy Savings 

Financing your AC system won’t just allow you to keep savings for a future emergency, it will also save you money in the long run because it alleviates expensive AC maintenance on older units. New 16 SEER units, assure you that your Energy costs will be lower.

When choosing new energy-efficient equipment with the ENERGY STAR EPA label, you can rest easy knowing your new AC system meets certain energy efficiency requirements and conserves more energy than standard alternatives.

Get Immediate Relief From The Heat

If you are in need of a new unit immediately, but can’t afford the $3,500 to $7,000 investment, financing allows you to get relief from the heat (or cold) as soon as possible, regardless of what you can pay.

New AC units can be big investments and by financing you’re able to cut down on your monthly energy bills and enjoy a higher efficiency system. This is a great time to upgrade your HVAC ducts to a state of the art level and see bigger returns on your investment.

Higher efficiency units reduce your carbon footprint and that’s good for the planet!

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