AC Is Running But Not Cooling Your Home

schedule air conditioning serviceWhen your AC Is Running But Not Cooling Your Home, it could be one of the cycles.


More than likely, a cycle is not operating or is out of sync. If you’ve noticed this happening, there are several things you can do before calling AirVantage for service.

But 1st, let me explain air conditioning cycles…

Cycles typically last 15 to 20 minutes. Your system will kick on and run until it reaches the desired temperature (whatever you set your thermostat to) and then kick off for a few minutes.

If your air conditioning system is running constantly and not cooling your home, it’s an indicator that your AC system is not cycling properly. There are several easy steps you can initiate before calling for AC service. Ignoring these signals without taking action can lead to damage, put unnecessary strain on your system, increase your energy costs and ultimately cost you money.

Many Times You Can Diagnose AC Problems Yourself

If you’re handy & confident in troubleshooting the problem yourself, we’ve outlined the most common causes of AC problems. You can try to solve the problem before calling an AirVantage service tech.

clean ac filter dirty ac filterDirty Clogged Air Filter

It’s common knowledge that a dirty air conditioning filter reduces airflow in your system and causes your system to work hard to cool your home. But do you know where it is, what size it is, the best type for your AC system or, how to change it?

Clean air conditioning filters are important because a clogged filter prevents the removal of excess moisture in the air. When too little air flows over the coils within your system, it cannot remove humidity. The effect of this will make your home feel warmer and cause your system to run constantly straining the system and resulting in higher energy bills.

We suggest that you enter a reminder on your phone calendar to change your filter whenever you pay your electricity bill.

By The Way… did you know that certain air filters may be too restrictive for your system? Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and choose a filter with the correct MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. It’s possible that your current air filter’s MERV rating is not correct for your particular system.

air conditioner duct leaksAir Duct Leaks

How old is your home? If it’s 10 years or older the ac duct seams may become separated and cause cool or heated air to escape into your attic before reaching the interior of your home.

This is a little more difficult and advanced for many homeowners to try and troubleshoot, but a partial inspection can be accomplished easily.

Most homes built in the last 20 years, have attic space readily accessible and tall enough for you to stand comfortably. Simply look around in several areas and find the silver tape covering the seams. Look closely for any areas where the tape has dried out and separated from the silver surface of the duct tube.

Tip: Before your inspection, schedule this as early as possible in the summer and turn your ac thermostat to around 68 degrees.

If you see any places that have separated, big box stores sell duct tape and you can apply yourself. However… in most cases though, this is an indicator that there may be separation in areas you cannot see or areas you just don’t want to go. In this case, it’s time for a service call.

If Your AC Is Running But Not Cooling Your Home, The Outside Condenser Could Be Dirty?

Cleaning AIr Conditioning CondenserHopefully it looks like this

It’s easy to overlook as we all get used to items we see everyday. First of all, your condenser is the big gray thing that sits in your yard usually on the side or in the back yard of your home.


…and not like this

how to clean dirty ac condenser

Condensers expel heat from your home. If yours is dirty like the one shown, you can easily solve the problem. Many times there are leaves and other items that clog the coils. Another major culprit is the salt build up from simply living along the Texas Gulf coast. If your condenser is dirty or covered in debris, it can’t properly get rid of the heat.

How to fix it: Simply be proactive and put cleaning on a maintenance schedule. Once a month, remove any debris and use your water hose to clean the silver condenser fins with a soft wash. Good airflow is vital to cool the refrigerant.

Tip: Be sure your thermostat is turned on. We been called out before and found the thermostat in the Off position. It happens, so check this too.

Low Refrigerant

If you’ve followed the AC troubleshooting suggestions above and your AC Is running but not cooling your home, it may be due to Low Refrigerant.

Proper refrigerant levels are required to cool your home and this is a maintenance area that a licensed AC tech needs to address.  AC systems that are low on refrigerant may indicate a refrigerant leak in the coils.

As a result, your system is unable to cool your home. Its a serious situation whenever this occurs and your air conditioning system will constantly run causing unnecessary wear and tear and of course, higher energy bills.

Refrigerant is dangerous to handle, so simply call AirVantage and schedule an AC system check up. AirVantage is well known for fast professional service. If you are a 1st time customer, let us know and we will give you a $20 discount on your 1st service call.

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