5 Tips To Reduce HVAC System Stress During Summer


Air Conditioner Efficiency Savings5 Tips To Reduce HVAC System Stress During Summer & Save Money

These 5 Tips To Reduce HVAC System Stress During Summer, plus the Bonus tip, can reduce summertime Air Conditioning energy costs significantly. Applying even one or two tips will help you save money on summertime HVAC costs in a big way. 

1) Doors- What effect does closing doors in bedrooms have on your HVAC system? The simple answer is that they block a lot of the air and restrict AC flow, thereby causing your system to work harder.

There’s a simple way around this and that is to install an air transfer grill above the bedroom door frame or, in the door itself. It’s a simple task that most homeowners can tackle themselves. Watch Video.

2) To figure out why your energy bills might be high (and why your home is uncomfortable at certain times of year), look up at your ceiling. Now look down at the floor. If you want to make smart energy efficiency improvements start with what’s above and below your living space.

3 reasons why:

  1. Conditioned air leaks out of unsealed gaps and cracks in your home’s envelope. Most of these are located in your attic and – if you have one – your crawlspace.
  2. When air leaks out of your home (positive pressure), an equal amount of it enters your home from the outside (negative pressure).
  3. The most significant pressure differences are at the top and bottom of a structure – not the sides.

Plugging the holes in your attic and crawlspace is the 1st step and a much more effective investment in energy efficiency. Our advice is to start there.

american standard silver303 control, thermostat replacement league city tx3) Install a Programmable Thermostat- In previous articles we’ve written about the energy benefits of installing a programmable thermostat. However, if you haven’t invested in this simple upgrade, you are most likely experiencing high summertime energy costs.

An example is most of us aren’t home on the weekdays, so there is no need to keep the AC on when nobody is home. Take note of the time when everyone is usually out and give the AC a break by programming your thermostat to allow the inside temperature to go up when you’re not home, reducing strain while saving on energy and then drop back down before you return home. With most new programmable thermostats, you’re able to control your thermostat remotely by installing a related app on your phone.

4) Improve Insulation, reduce Inside heat and increase shade on your home.

A percentage of energy used to cool down your home is often wasted when there is improper insulation and leaks are present. Proper insulation in walls, ceilings & crawlspaces help in maintaining the ideal temperature inside the home. Also, check the seals on windows and doors for any leaks, replace inefficient ones to keep the cool air inside instead of leaking out. There are testing companies that specialize in finding air leaks and give you a report on where the major leaks are.

Heat generated within the house can add stress to your cooling system. To reduce these energy robbing factors, there are a lot of things you can do. 1) Close your blinds or curtains during the day, 2) keep all windows closed when the AC is on, 3) use heat-generating appliances like the oven, stove, washing machine in the evening when it’s cooler.

One of the least implemented ways to reduce stress on your HVAC system, but also one of the most effective is to shade your condenser. As an important outdoor component of your AC system the condenser is often exposed to extreme outside conditions such as being under direct sunlight. Protect it by planting a shady tree nearby or tall grasses that provide sun protection. Tip: Be sure to provide enough space so airflow isn’t restricted.

A/C Repair League City5) Remember to Replace AC Filter/s on a scheduled basis.

An inexpensive and easy step in making a difference in your cooling & heating system without costing a lot of money is simply cleaning or changing your system’s air filters, regularly.


Dust and debris build-up on filters causes your system to work harder than normal adding undue stress to your HVAC system. When your AC system’s air filters are dirty, they increase the energy needed to keep the air circulating. This is especially true during our long hot coastal summers. Systems may be running on a consistent basis in summer months unless they can breathe as they are designed to do.

Stay informed to the maintenance needs of your HVAC system by reading your system manual; it explains best practices. Check your filter every month for collected dust or debris. AirVantage’s expert HVAC technicians recommend more consistent checks in the summer as your system most likely runs more often than cooler months. Because of the longer runtime, you may need to replace or change a filter sooner than the manufacturer’s suggestions. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to your A/C and write down the filter sizes for your system. If you want a belt and suspenders approach, you can also check out the manufacturer’s recommendations in the operation manual or perform a search of the model number on the web.
  • Step 2: Purchase your filters based on the size, efficiency, and acceptable particle levels. AirVantage tip: Filters are often cheaper when you buy them in bulk. Purchase filters to have on hand when your monthly or quarterly replace date comes around. Store nearby your system if you can.
  • Step 3: Your home or facility’s filters should be replaced when dirty. Set a reminder in your phone or calendar to switch out your filters. AirVantage technicians recommend checking the level of dust and debris every few weeks during the key months mentioned above.  Regardless of how they look, you should change your filters at least once per quarter and monthly is better.

Bonus Tip- Should you have your HVAC system serviced every year?

AirVantage recommends that even if you follow our 5 Tips To Reduce HVAC System Stress During Summer & your system seems to be working correctly, all major HVAC manufacturers say to have your system inspected at least once per year. Regular inspections by AirVantage will ensure that your AC system operates at its most efficient level and is working when you need it most. The most obvious benefit is reducing stress on you’re A/C system while decreasing energy costs.

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