Which Is Best… Gas or Electric Heating?

In this article, we explain Which Is Best… Gas or Electric Heating.

Here, along the Texas Gulf Coast during our winter months, you may find yourself researching heating systems if yours is older or, costs a lot to maintain. Most likely, you want to determine which system is best.

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You may have bought or built a home that is currently warmed with either electric heat or a gas furnace. What you want to know when replacing an old system is that your family will be comfortable when the temperature drops.

gas furnace check upFurnaces Work Like This…

It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or electric heating system, your home is likely heated with a forced-air heating system, and they basically work the same.

Whenever the temperature falls below your thermostat setting, a signal is sent to your furnace system which turns on your system and starts heating your home. Then, the heated air is forced through your vents with a blower to rooms in your home. When the temperature inside your home reaches your thermostat setting, it automatically turns the heating off.

In a gas unit, the signal from your thermostat causes a pilot light to ignite the main burner in your furnace. This burner heats the air that will circulate throughout your home.

An electric furnace does the same thing, but instead of using gas to ignite a pilot light, there is an array of electric coils which are heated. Air is blown across the coils and through the ducts to various rooms.

That’s pretty much where the similarities between gas and electric heating end. After that, they’re very different when it comes to cost, efficiency, and overall comfort.

Which is Best For You… A Gas or Electric Heating System?

And we do mean for you because each situation is unique. Dollar for dollar, the gas furnace may be your best bet. But there are other things to consider and it’s important to determine the size needed, what fuel types you have access to, and what heating system you currently have.

It’s probably better to stick with gas if:

  • You have access to natural gas.
  • You live in a colder climate or need your furnace for several months out of the year.
  • You currently have a gas furnace.

Electric might be the way to go if:

  • You don’t have access to natural gas.
  • You live in a more mild climate.
  • You already have an electric unit.

Electric or Gas… Which Has A Longer Lifespan?

Looking at a new heating system is an investment. Whether, you choose gas or electric, that makes lifespan a pretty big deal. Which furnace lasts longer? The answer here, surprisingly, is electric. An electric furnace can last up to multiple decades if it’s getting proper professional maintenance.

best heat pump from Airvantage Cooling & Heating ServicesThere Is A Third Choice For Winter Heating Systems

Heat Pumps Are Versatile Under Most Circumstances Heat pumps are a viable home temperature option designed for use in areas with milder temperatures. Many Gulf Coast homeowners like heat pumps for this one reason They serve as both a home heating and cooling system. Heat pumps operate by performing heat exchange with the air & they can operate either way: pulling heat from the air or exhausting heat into the air. You only need the one system, rather than two when you have a heat pump system.

Heat pumps also do their most energy-efficient heating in milder weather like we have in the Houston area.

When the temperature gets too close to freezing, the air doesn’t have enough heat left in it for the heat pump to perform the heat exchange so it automatically switches to electricity to add the needed heat to the air.

There are variables that must be considered in all three units and it’s really difficult to say… Which Is Best… Gas or Electric Heating.

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