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If You’ve ever typed the search term “Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Near Me” you know that you’ll be served with a multitude of choices. Then, the decision is who do I pick?

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The fact is… it’s the beginning of summer and air conditioning system breakdown season is here.  It’s important for you to key into the things that may be going on with your air conditioning system to avoid having an expensive major breakdown. Noises, smells and vibrations are usually indications of something to come.

Air Conditioning Problems And SolutionsHere are a few simple things you can do to get an idea of whether your air conditioner is working as it should before the heavy usage begins.

1. Simply turn on your air conditioner and let it run for about 5 minutes and then feel the air coming out of the vents. Is it cool? It should be blowing refrigerated air after 5 minutes. If it isn’t, that may indicate you have an equipment problem.

2. If you think your system is making a noise but, can’t determine what it is… eliminate other noise-making things in your house like your TV. Then turn on your air conditioner and just listen to it for a little bit. Is it making a squealing or rattling noise? Does there seem to be a vibration near where your air filter is, does your system keep running when you turn it off? If you experience anything out of the ordinary, you may have a problem & should consider having an air conditioning checkup to be sure everything’s okay before expensive damage occurs.

3. Water Leaks are potentially a huge concern and can lead to expensive repairs, so do this… after your air conditioner has been on for a while, walk outside and check to see there is water dripping from the pipe under the eve of your house. If you don’t see water dripping outside, that could be an indication that you have a drainage problem.

It’s important to get that checked out immediately before causing serious damage to your ceiling and carpet. It is normal for condensation to drip from this pipe.

4. If your HVAC system filter is dirty or clogged, your air conditioner can run hot and overheat. When your AC system filters remain dirty for a long time, your AC will end up consuming more energy, escalating your utility bills.

Most of our customers ask us which AC filter is the best. We’ve covered just about everything you need to know about choosing the right AC filter in this article… Tap Here To Read

5. If your AC system trips the circuit breaker, you can have a potentially serious problem. Many times, it’s just a bad circuit breaker, not the AC itself. Wires connecting the switch can suffer damage over time from vibration, animals like lizards, or even insects like ants. If your breaker keeps tripping, it can put stress and strain on your ac equipment. The most expensive problem could be compressor failure. Call the pro’s at Airvantage if your circuit breaker trips. we can quickly diagnose this problem and have your home cooling quickly.

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